In 1971, when I first decided to launch ÜSTAY Construction Company, I promised myself that "we will first be a GOOD COMPANY!" Now that I look back at the past 50   years, I can clearly see that my commitment to this promise has grew so deeply and strongly that it has become to be the driving factor of our company.

From the day we established ÜSTAY Construction till today, we have always pledged to be "good." Our aim at all times has been to accomplish all our projects on time without exceeding our budget. Our main desire has been to be able to work with same employer more than once, which is directly related to their contentment with our work. Over time, we saw that we effectively fulfilled this wish. 

Today, when we make a quick analysis of where we stand, we can easily distinguish that we have worked more than once with many highly regarded employers in numerous prestigious projects and have successfully finished their jobs.

Since ÜSTAY Construction's establishment, we faced quite a few economic and political crises. It was difficult to tackle the obstacles and survive especially during a period when the construction sector got affected by the crises and shrunk largely. However, we managed to leave behind all the hard times thanks to our strong team work and our commitment to our business.

Not only nationally but also internationally we carried out almost 100 profitable projects. We worked at 9 different countries, where we represented the Turkish construction sector in the best way we could. This still is one of our main goals, which also leads us to be one of the most respected Turkish construction companies internationally.

As I mentioned above, our company's main motivation is to be a good company before anything else. Nevertheless, one must never forget that, as a wise Frenchman once said, 'being good' has an enemy and that is 'being much better.' As a result, we are constantly running after 'being much better.' This incentive makes us a more active, more energetic and a more productive company. Our dynamic spirit enhances our company's continuous improvement. Today, we are very happy at where we stand and we look to the future with great hope.

I thank those who have been standing next to me in the pursuit of a 'much better' ÜSTAY Construction. I wish to celebrate numerous more 'much better' days with you all.

With best wishes,

Chairman of the Board