Our Quality System

From our management team to our employees, we are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations in our work performance. We do so by reviewing and constantly improving our quality systems.

At Üstay, the common goal is to preserve and continually improve our quality standards. To reach this end, we conduct constant comparisons, compose statistical analyses, review feedback from clients and scan data to find ways to advance our system.

The quality of our services is monitored by the careful work of our professional and highly experienced technical and managerial personnel.

Our management team is strongly committed to providing leadership and resources at all levels of the company to ensure the quality objectives are met.

All the soft members acknowledge their responsibility for quality and accept the requirement to conform to the procedures contained in our Quality System Manual.

Our Health, Safety & Environmental  (HSE) Policy

The aim of our company is to act according to the following principles and to ensure that these principles are applied without compromise in order to eliminate the hazards that may come to our employees, third parties, assets and the environment that may be affected by our activities, and thus to minimize the possible risks;

To prevent all kinds of injuries and deterioration of health, to provide safe and healthy working conditions,
To make continuous improvement systematically in order to increase the environmental, occupational health and safety performance of our company by creating an Health, Safety and Environmental Management System,
To follow the relevant laws, regulations, standards and other conditions in force and to comply with them in their current state,
To determine the Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety goals and to take the necessary actions to achieve these goals,
Ensuring the participation of all employees in planned training programs in order to understand the responsibility and awareness of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety at all levels and to share information,
By using meetings, announcements and all possible means of communication, to ensure that all employees have easy access to Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety information and to consult employees' opinions,
To carry out studies in a way to convey the proactive approach of our senior managers to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety to our employees at all levels,
Encouraging all our employees to stop the work in case of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety hazards until the necessary corrections are made,
Aiming to achieve ZERO LOSS TIME performance in each of our projects, worksites and offices,

Our dedication and disciplined approach to HSE policies has helped us to have a very clear track record in the field of HSE. We have received numerous certificates and achievement awards from world known certification agencies as well as clients.