From The Founder

Reflecting on the journey that began in 1971 when I founded Üstay Construction Company, I distinctly recall a promise I made to myself at the outset: “we will first be a GOOD COMPANY!

From the early days of inception, the aspiration to be more than just a construction entity has been ingrained in our corporate DNA. Today, I am proud to witness how this foundational commitment has grown into a powerful force shaping the character and trajectory of Üstay. It has never been merely about constructing buildings; it’s about building relationships, fostering community, and contributing positively to the world we inhabit!

As I pass the flag to the capable hands of the next generations, I am filled with confidence that Üstay’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility will resound even more profoundly. The torchbearer may change, but the flame of our values will continue to illuminate the path ahead.