Project Description

The aim of the project, is to increase the production capacity of the refinery to 7.5 million tons per year, together with the increase in the quality of refined products.  

Ustay’s Scope

In Baku-HAOR project, expansion works are divided into 2 sections. USTAY undertakes the Civil construction and Electromechanical installation of the 1st part of this Project which is mainly Green-Field.  The construction of Diesel Hydrotreater, Hydrogen Production, Isomerization, Naphta Splitter and CCR PSA units, auxiliary units to provide service to these units and interconnecting pipe racks will be constructed by USTAY.  Ustay’s scope in this project includes, civil works, erection of steel structures, equipment installation, piping works, painting and insulation works, electrical & instrumentation works as well as pre-commissioning works.


Tecnimont SPA Kinetics Technology SpA JV/ ITALY