In a continued commitment to social responsibility, Üstay proudly announces the opening of its fourth children’s library, located within the Şehit Mustafa Ozan Gökçe Primary School in Hatay’s Payas district. The inauguration ceremony, held on Teachers’ Day, Friday, November 24, marked a significant milestone for Üstay and the local community.

This latest addition to Üstay’s library initiative in Hatay stands out as the largest to date, boasting a collection of nearly 2,000 children’s books. Beyond literature, the school has also been enriched with a diverse array of educational, sports materials, fixtures, and toy donations, elevating the overall learning experience for students.

Thanks to generous donations, the initiative has not only led to the establishment of the Hatay Üstay Children’s Library but also enabled the opening of two new branches. Additionally, the Ministry of National Education appointed extra teachers to further support the enhanced educational environment.

The impact of this collective effort extends beyond the library’s physical space, providing a morale boost to students, teachers, and parents at Hatay Şehit Mustafa Ozan Gökçe Primary School, who continue to navigate the challenges posed by the recent earthquake in Turkey. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to this initiative.

As always, Üstay family remains committed to spearheading more impactful social responsibility projects, fostering positive change and enriching communities.