In the Üstay AOSTE Project, we took a proactive approach to address packaging and plastic waste. We meticulously separated and recycled the waste generated during the project, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Putting the proceeds from plastic recycling to good use, we invested in the future by planting 3000 pine saplings! This not only contributes to the reduction of plastic waste but also represents a meaningful step in replenishing nature.

Our initiative goes beyond waste reduction; it’s a conscious effort to curtail the thoughtless disposal of plastic into natural habitats, decrease the demand for natural resources, and foster the expansion of vital forest areas.

This project, designed to combat global warming, goes a step further. Through afforestation that actively captures carbon dioxide, we anticipate saving approximately 30 KWH of energy. This dual-purpose strategy not only addresses immediate environmental concerns but also aligns with our commitment to a sustainable and greener future.

A dedicated team of 150 Üstay volunteers came together to plant 3000 saplings on the 40-decare forest land generously allocated to ÜSTAY by the Aliağa Forest Directorate. This collaborative effort reflects our collective commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement!