Following our recent announcement regarding the replacement of aging furniture with new desks at Şırnak İdil Özen High School, we are thrilled to share additional contributions that will significantly impact the lives of the school’s 335 students.
First, our employees in the Russian branch offices have gone above and beyond by donating winter clothing and boots to underprivileged children at the school, who endure very cold temperatures. Witnessing the joy on the children’s faces as they received these essential items reaffirmed our commitment to making a meaningful difference in their lives.

Our colleagues in Russia have also donated computers to the school, a gesture aimed at providing more equitable educational opportunities to those in need. This initiative aligns perfectly with our belief in fostering equal access to education for all students.

Furthermore, thanks to the combined efforts of our employees in İzmir and İstanbul, the school has received a substantial amount of toys, sports materials, stationery materials, and STEM resources, enriching the learning environment for the students.

In addition, our company lawyers, Mrs. Selin Özbahçeci and Mr. Murat Özbahçeci, generously donated 1,000 children’s books to the school, creating the largest library in the area. This invaluable resource will inspire a love for reading and learning among the students for years to come. We thank them for their kindness.
To further inspire and encourage the students, Mr. Yasin Acar and Mr. Uğur Öztoprak from our Technical Department were kind enough to spend a day at the school, sharing insights and their visions into future education opportunities. Mr. Yasin described the experience as profoundly moving, stating, “I have never felt so privileged in my life.”

Overall, Şırnak İdil Özen High School has received unprecedented support from Ustay, making a significant impact on the motivation and well-being of the students.

At Ustay, we are honored to play a role in enhancing educational opportunities and fostering hope for a brighter future for these deserving students. We are especially proud to do this together as a big team! Thank you for all those who contributed.