At Ustay, we are firm believers in the power of collective donations to make a meaningful difference. With the generous support of our employees, families, and friends, we recently made a substantial contribution to Şanlıurfa Gögeç High School, aiming to provide students with better opportunities for quality education.

Rather than a monetary donation, we opted to provide essential resources, including books, equipment, and specialized classes. Thanks to the combined efforts of our company members and the support of volunteer friends, we were able to establish a comprehensive 1,000-book library and introduce a cognitive and strategic games class. Additionally, we donated computers and technologic equipment to facilitate learning across various subjects.

 We also equipped the school with a variety of sports gear, including complete archery sets, badminton, volleyball, and basketball equipment, along with training materials suitable for all skill levels.

 To commemorate this significant transformation, Şanlıurfa Gögeç High School organized an opening ceremony, graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Harran District Governor Mr. İbrahim Gültekin and Provincial National Education Governor Mr. Mehmet Asutay. Representing our company, Mr. Canvelat Demiralp and Mrs. Yasemin Üstay were honored to receive award plaques at the ceremony. Our colleagues spent valuable time engaging with students in the library and classes, offering toys, stationery supplies, winter clothing, and gifts, while also inspiring them to pursue higher education goals. 

Amidst the joyous occasion, the school arranged a soccer match to celebrate the arrival of their brand-new sports equipment, library and strategic games class marking a promising start to a brighter future for the students of Şanlıurfa Gögeç High School.

 We would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Canvelat Demiralp and Mr. Ömer Ökçün for their instrumental role in making this contribution possible.