Ustay Company has extended a helping hand to Şırnak İdil Özen High School! Recognizing the dire condition of the elementary school desks, Ustay has undertaken the initiative to replace the aging furniture with brand new desks, bringing joy and comfort to the 335 students at the school.

Şırnak İdil Özen High School faced a significant challenge with its outdated desks, which hindered the students’ learning experience. With the vision to make a positive impact on the community, Ustay Company stepped in to provide a meaningful New Year’s gift to the students, ensuring a conducive environment for education.

The entire school community, including teachers, staff, and students, expressed their gratitude for this thoughtful act of generosity. Everyone is now looking forward to a more inspiring and comfortable learning experience. This gesture is a clear indication that Üstay believes that social responsibility can play a pivotal role in uplifting communities and shaping a brighter future for the next generations.