In a lovely display of community spirit and commitment to education, the much-anticipated Üstay Children’s Library was officially inaugurated. The opening ceremony, a culmination of donations and efforts from Üstay and its dedicated employees, unfolded within the premises of Kars Atatürk Primary School. The event drew notable attendance, including the esteemed District Director of National Education.

This transformative initiative has resulted in a vibrant library space brimming with 1,000 children’s books and engaging toys, providing an enriching environment for young learners. The Üstay Children’s Library stands poised to welcome eager students after the semester break, offering a treasure trove of literary adventures.

Expressing gratitude to the diligent efforts of Üstay employees, who have played a pivotal role in bringing this project to fruition, the company extends its appreciation. The collective commitment to fostering joy and cultivating a love for books among the children of the nation is evident in this commendable endeavor.

As Üstay continues to invest in the future through initiatives that empower and educate, the Üstay Children’s Library stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to community welfare and the holistic development of the younger generation.