In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Kahramanmaraş on Monday, February 6, 2023, Üstay extends heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Today, as a nation, we come together to commemorate the lives lost and collectively embark on a journey of healing.

Recognizing the ongoing challenges faced by those affected, Üstay has pledged its commitment to support the education of 200 students impacted by the earthquake. This initiative goes beyond the company’s earlier humanitarian efforts, marking a dedicated step towards rebuilding lives and fostering hope.

To facilitate this educational support, Üstay has established the Üstay Earthquake Victim Scholarship Support Fund, within the Çeliktaş Education Foundation, which is run by our company management, to create an additional quota for 200 students. Furthermore, Üstay has expressed its intent to volunteer in the establishment of a school in the earthquake-affected zone when the time is right.

In addition to the 200 scholarships undertaken by Üstay, the company invites everyone to contribute to this noble cause. Together, we can collectively illuminate the future of young minds impacted by the earthquake.

To contribute or seek more information, please contact Üstay at Let’s come together as the Üstay family and illuminate the path to a brighter future for the young survivors of the earthquake. Together, we can heal and rebuild.